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Soil resistivity is one of the most important factors in selecting a ground-bed location and it is measured in ohm-cms. Terrameter or Resistivity meters is used to measure soil resistivity and it works on simple principal of feeding current through a pair of electrode and measuring potential developed across another pair of electrode. Emtech Control Terrameter does this measurement automatic with all calculations and protections.


  • High resolution (16 bit analog data conversion, 24 bit floating point)
  • Mixed signal Microcontroller based instrument.
  • Continuous readout of current and voltage
  • Acquisition memory of 1000, 5000, 10000 without direct data downloading
  • Data transfer through RS-232, parallel port.
  • Printer interface for serial/parallel printer.
  • Reduction of noise with stacking and average of the values acquired.
  • Automatic calibration before every reading.
  • Easy and user friendly.
  • Output current 1-2-5-10-20-50 mA  and upto 500 mA with current booster.
  • Input gain ranging - automatic, always uses full dynamic range of receiver.
  • Input power: 12/24 Volt DC battery or 220/110 Volt AC 50/60 Hz power source.
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +60 degree Celsius / Humidity 95% Non-condensing.

* Specification are subject to change

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