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VCD is a microprocessor based multi-resettable system that gets reset input from various interfaces in loco, as well as from satellites using Global Positioning System (GPS). It calculates and determines the state of driver as well as locomotive and gives audio-visual indication, text message and alarm followed by action as appropriate along with data logging for diagnosis.  

VCD is used in Railway locomotive as safety device and data analysis unit for fault conditions. 

Salient Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled, equipped with Global Positioning System.
  • Multi-line alphanumeric display panel for displaying real time clock, and other status of locomotive
    Large illuminated vigil counter.
  • Audio visual indication for warning, alert and fault conditions.
  • LED bar visual indication of speed.
  • Built-in temperature sensor and display.
  • Built-in battery backup to prevent data loss.
  • Data logging and download feature similar to Black box as used in aircraft.
  • Option for very large memory to record data for more than an year.
  • Option for data transfer using hot pluggable memory interface.
  • Option for future software expansion such as safe speed, automatic horn blowing at level crossings, automatic station announcer etc.
  • Option for SMS based fault communication to base station.
  • Option for voice recording for both cabs.


  • Size & mounting: 230 mm x 150 mm (W x H) front face with flush mounted on Driver Desk having 300 mm depth inside Desk. 
  • Mounting in both the cabs with similar size & look requiring input connection only in one cab.
  • Power Supply: 72 V & 110 V DC versions for Electric & Diesel Locos. Built-in power and voltage regulation along with battery back for grace full shut down.
  • Built-in battery backup for gracefully shutdown and prevent data loss.
  • Built in temperature sensor and display.
  • Large Size 1 high red based illuminated LED down counter for Display of Vigilance cycle & Brake Timer.
  • 4 Line alphanumeric LCD Display for Driver action messages, and information like GPS synchronized time, speed & distance traveled. 
  • 10 colored LED based vertical bar graph display for visual indication of speed.
  • 20 Optically isolated input terminals.
  • Provision for sensing pressure (Brake).
  • Upto 4 NO/NC output to operate Emergency Brake.
  • RS-232 based data download facility.
  • Option for hot pluggable memory interface for data transfer and large storage.
  • Built-in Industrial GPS & optional GSM
  • Two external Antennas for GPS & GSM (if installed). 
  • EMI Protected & Vibration Electronics as per Rolling Stocks specs.
  • Glass Break Isolation switch. Provision to make a permanent record of last 15 minutes actions on memory in case of such events.
  • Compatible to interface with any digital or electronic equipments such as Anti Collision Device (ACD), Fault Diagnostic system etc.

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* Specification are subject to change

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