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Following is the part of the brief overview of some of the systems designed and developed by us

Down-hole Pressure Recorder Black Box - This product is designed and developed for drilling application instrumentation for oil exploration. Product is based on pressure sensor, micro-controller, flash data memory, real time clock and built in battery where entire miniature unit is working up to 100 deg C temperature. 

Vigilance Control Device (VCD) is designed and developed as per RDSO specifications along with some extra features to make it helpful and usable by Indian Railways. It is a microprocessor based multi-resettable system that gets reset input from various interfaces in locomotive, as well as from satellites using Global Positioning System (GPS). 

It calculates and determines the state of locomotive driver as well as locomotive itself and gives audio-visual indication for a fault condition, text message and alarm followed by action as appropriate along with data logging for diagnosis. 

VCD is used in Indian Railway locomotive as safety device and as data analysis unit for fault conditions. 

VDC Manual Download

Run Safe  performs the function of  Vigilance Control Device (VCD) at the same time it takes electronic caution order and alerts the locomotive driver when the location is about to arrive for execution of the caution order. It gives various audio-visual indication, message to help the locomotive driver. It also features contact less visual speed display in the form of a bar.  

Run Safe is used in Railway locomotive as safety device and data analysis unit for fault conditions and Caution Order as one sep ahead to help in ensuring location driver to execute caution order without fail.

Automated Test Bench for Electric Locomotive for Indian Railways loco-shed, we are developing automated test benches to help in running the tests automatic, recording various parameters and generating reports in serial bus connected test bench network. This allows to define the test sequence, record all parameters and do all actions automatically and in repeat mode as well. These test benches cover all items as used and tested for electric locomotive by Indian Railways.


GPS Speedometer  is a microprocessor based device that gets input from satellites using Global Positioning System (GPS). It calculates and determines the speed of vehicle/locomotive and display it locally on LCD display as well as LED bar graph as visual indication. It logs speed data for predefined conditions that can be downloaded for analysis.


Accelerometer / Tilt Sensor EM-XLxxxx- An accelerometer is a sensor, which converts an acceleration or retardation from motion or gravity to an electrical signal. EM-XLxxxx can measure tilt, vibration or inertial force and at the same time an Accelerometer can serve as a "source less" measurement of velocity or distance or force. It can do this because acceleration integrated over time equals the speed; speed integrated over time results in distance.

These Accelerometers are based on MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) sensor along with glue logic for signal conditioning circuitry, is hosed in a black anodized Aluminum casing with Teflon insulated shielded wire for connection to power and I/O device.


Automatic Battery monitoring This device is typically used by telephone exchanges and it is used to measure health of number of batteries periodically. This device show the status locally as well as communicate to head office or any designated PC located in other city. This can also give status on request basis and multiple such devices can communicate to central control room.


Terrameter - Soil resistivity is one of the most important factors in selecting a ground-bed location. Soil resistivity is measured in ohm-cms. Terrameter is used to measure soil resistivity and it works on feeding current through a pair of electrode and measuring potential developed across another pair of electrode.


Water Table recorder - This is used to measure and record water table variations inside the bore well. This helps in determining the quantity of underground water reserve and water management.




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